6 reasons why Pinya HR system

Pinya HR is HR software from Czech developers to simplify administration and increase efficiency of small and large companies.


Get rid of the papers

Clear your workspace. Throw the papers in the trash. No more printing out A4 piles of information about employees and teams. Digitize all your records for one comprehensive resource for everyone.


You'll have all your data in one place

The big advantage is that you won't have data lying around in two places at the same time. Forget about Excel spreadsheets that you save somewhere else each time. All your records are always under one roof.


You can access your records anytime, anywhere

For all employee records, an internet connection is sufficient. You can log in to the system from any computer. You will have access to all data and information.


Managers get an overview of their teams

Team managers will be in for a treat. They simply have all team members under their thumb in a clear organisational structure. They can work efficiently with the scheduling of tasks. They keep track of medical appointments and leave. They can remind themselves who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. All in one place.


You will get friendly and domestic support

We are a functional and well-established in-house team that will work with you to solve any problem or request. We are a Czech company. This avoids complicated communication with foreign support.


You get software that we update regularly

We regularly modify, improve and add new features to the entire Pinya HR system. We are committed to meet your needs. We are happy to discuss new requirements with you and will be happy to program them to your maximum satisfaction.

Pinya HR is a suitable HR system for companies that expect:

Digitising the agenda

Automatically record all important employee data. Organize small and large teams. Involve foreign branches. Conduct tenders. Set up carefree onboarding. Keep track of employee absences or medical examinations and educate them via e-learning.

Flexible solutions

The field of HR is constantly evolving as new government regulations are created every year. Maybe your organization is growing and changing, and you need to adapt your HR agenda. Get an app that will evolve and grow with your business and that will respond to outside influences.

Intuitive control

Pinya HR will surprise you with the simplicity and clarity of its user interface. The app is intuitive and can be used by anyone. We regularly test the app and collect feedback from users. If we discover a weak point that is difficult to understand, we immediately suggest a new and better solution.

Fast implementation

Forget about complicated negotiations with the IT department. Avoid the hassle of setting up servers and networks. Save time, money and nerves. Our application runs on a cloud-based solution, so we can integrate it into your process without a single intervention in your IT infrastructure.

Regular updates

We update the system regularly. All modifications, new functionalities or new modules are done quietly. You will not notice anything. Regular changes and enhancements will guarantee smooth operation and security of your application. You will enjoy all the upcoming news in peace.

Pinya HR, on the other hand, is not a suitable software for companies that want to solve:

Payroll processing

The application focuses mainly on HR processes and activities. It does not focus on payroll and related agendas, but we can connect it to the most commonly used payroll systems. Thanks to this, we can merge data with your payroll system and simplify your HR and payroll agenda.

Internal information system

Pinya HR is a software designed primarily for HR professionals. It cannot fully replace internal information systems. But we can definitely connect it to your internal system. And if you don't have an intranet yet, we will be happy to create one for you with the help of our other product - Pinya SharePoint.

I have worked with a lot of HR or payroll systems during my career and from my perspective Pinya HR combines the best of both. Thanks to Pinya HR we have almost completely digitized our HR agenda. We have everything in one place - from people's information, to all their documents, medical exams, training records, checklists, reports and from the new year, attendance. What has made our lives the easiest is the creation of our own document templates and the possibility of electronic signing, so we are saving paper and our forests. :) The paperwork, waiting for the signed documents to come back and then scanning them no longer takes my energy and I can focus on more meaningful work - taking care of the people at FAVI. Everything is intuitive, clear, accessible in a few clicks, and really from anywhere - thanks to the mobile app. I appreciate the fact that Pinya HR is constantly being developed product-wise, so we keep adding features that make our lives easier and help us streamline our work. For myself, I can definitely recommend the Pinya HR system with a clear conscience.

Martina Křečková
Martina Křečková
People Care Manager, FAVI

I brought Pinya HR into the organisation after a really great experience in my previous role. I have been looking for HR software for a very long time and Pinya HR is exactly what I expect from a well-functioning system that is very user friendly. It allows us to streamline processes that used to work on paper or excel. Personally, I have been using it for more than a year, and in our organisation the employees came into contact with it a month ago. They consider the automatic processing of attendance and the clarity of information that they did not have available before to be a great help. Thanks to the approval system, we have significantly improved information and clarity. The system is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. The staff adapted to its use very quickly, which contributed to its easy implementation in our work environment.

Marta Slováková
Marta Slováková
CEO, Junior Achievement Slovakia n.o.

Due to the relatively rapid growth of our company, it was necessary to find a solution to streamline all HR processes, including all legal aspects, such as demonstrable familiarity with manuals/guidelines. We are very happy that we finally decided on Pinya HR software, which is intuitive, customizable, user-friendly and can be playful. 😊 Besides the SW itself, we appreciate the fast and easy implementation, of course with great support from the Pinya HR team. We also appreciate the constant development of the different modules, even based on our requests, which are not always easy. The mobile app is also great, which all users have loved especially for the super easy attendance tracking. Pinya HR has become a part of our everyday life.

Jana Krákorová
Jana Krákorová
HR & Competency Development Manager, Škoda X s.r.o.

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