Saving time and streamlining work. This is what the PINYA HR software at Z/C/H Legal has taken care of.

Z/C/H Legal v.o.s. is a renowned Czech law firm that has been providing comprehensive legal services to companies, entrepreneurs and private clients since 2005. It is based in the centre of Prague, but provides its services throughout the Czech Republic. The company prides itself on a modern approach to work, constant innovation and, where possible, the use of digitalization.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

Digitisation of HR processes was next in line in 2021. The initial interest in PINYA HR was sparked by a visit to the PINYA promotional stand at the conference. The friendly, kind and professional approach of PINYA staff convinced the company's employees to take a serious interest in the software.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

Z/C/H Legal launched PINYA HR software in March 2022.

By using PINYA HR, the company has been able to streamline its work. An example is the recording of different types of absences of employees. Now employees no longer have to write emails, wait for approval and back office members do not have to record absences in many reports.

Previously, the registration of vacation or other absence of one employee took about 5-10 minutes, which on average for 5 requests per day is about 0.5 hours, per week 2.5 hours (this time does not include the time of the supervisor who had to approve the request by email). With PINYA HR this process is no longer applied.

Confirming acquaintantion with internal regulations and manuals was previously quite problematic for employees. Now, it only takes one click for an employee to confirm that he or she is familiar with the document. This also involves searching for individual internal regulations and manuals. Employees now can find these documents clearly in one place.

''We are most satisfied with the simplicity and clarity of the software, both from the point of view of users and administrators. During the implementation of the system we were helped by the perfect support from Mrs. Salajková. Due to the nature of our business, we sometimes have more specific requirements than other customers. The requirements were always consulted with Mrs. Salajková, who in many cases also solved them with the developers. For these reasons, the implementation of PINYA HR was faster than we thought. We were able to make PINYA HR available to users within one month of the start of implementation,'' says one of the law firm's employees.

The PINYA HR software has helped us to achieve the ability to record information about all our employees in one place and at the same time automate many HR processes, which has saved us time and made our work more efficient. Another significant advantage is the perfect support during the implementation of the software. With its user-friendly environment, the software was immediately accepted by all our employees. Not only for these reasons, we recommend Pinya HR as an effective solution for all companies that want to digitize their HR agenda.

Mgr. Jana Hladká Zilvarová
Mgr. Jana Hladká Zilvarová
Attorney at Law, Partner, Z/C/H Legal v.o.s., law firm