They were tired of the excel records. That's why YDISTRI decided to simplify their HR administration by implementing PINYA HR.

YDISTRI 's vision is to create a future where the supply chain is more efficient and sustainable. They are shaping a supply chain system that works to optimize inventory to reduce waste and increase sustainability. They provide in the form of Software as a Service(SaaS) solutions for superstores in retail chains.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

From the establishment of Ydistri until the arrival of the HR Manager, all the records and documentation of employees and contractors were kept in Excel spreadsheets. From a time point of view it was quite challenging to get access to the necessary information, create reports, record all employee data or prepare handover and handover reports. The most time-consuming tasks were sending out onboarding questionnaires and filling them into excel, preparing employment contracts, recording company assets, manually listing them in handover reports and then allocating them to employees.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

In 2022, Ydistri decided to implement the PINYA HR software. Thanks to it, they were able to connect and unify all the HR agenda and, above all, come up with a new and better solution to work more efficiently and save time on administration. Currently, the pre-boarding phase takes only a few minutes, based on the generation of a personal questionnaire that automatically fills in the necessary data. Pinya can now record all relevant data on the employee's card, including current leave balance, leave usage, salary, variable component and signed documents.

"I consider the Pinya tool to be one of the best decisions in terms of HRIS system implementation. Thanks to this software we have the possibility to record all employee data in one place (employee and contractor data, contracts, birthdays and anniversaries, holidays and sick days), moreover clearly, intuitively and without the need for additional excel. This brings us a range of several solutions from onboarding, record keeping, performance, to exit interviews. I find the Manual module to be a great tool, which everyone can set up and customize and send out to employees. In our case it is about security training and its record keeping. One of Ydistri's core values is clarity and transparency in communication, so Pinya was a logical choice when implementing the company culture."

I consider the Pinya HR software to be one of the best decisions I have made in terms of implementing an HRIS system. Thanks to this software, we have the possibility to record all employee data in one place, clearly, intuitively and without the need for additional excel. I can generate every report I need in three clicks and customize it to automatically and continuously come directly to my email. This saves time not only for me, but also for my colleagues, because we can link everything we need within one tool: onboarding, employee records, performance, and reporting. I appreciate the very friendly and fast approach of my consultant Dita, who is always willing to help me with everything. We have currently started using the News module, which serves as a quick fresh news in our communication to the company, and the Checklists module, which ensures that nothing is forgotten when onboarding an employee.

Nikola Kritekova
Nikola Kritekova