Gone are the days of stacks of papers and cluttered spreadsheets. Why did PROMEDICA decide to digitize its HR agenda using PINYA HR software?

PROMEDICA is one of the most important Czech companies in the field of distribution and logistics in the healthcare sector. The company was founded in 1991 and from the beginning it has been built exclusively on Czech capital. Its distribution is based on a strong sales team, which is divided into 16 divisions according to specialization. The company's sales representatives are equal partners to the healthcare professionals and help to disseminate new knowledge and important know-how of the world's leading manufacturers. PROMEDICA is the largest independent healthcare distributor in the Czech Republic.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

In the course of 2021, the company decided to digitise its HR processes and get rid of excess stacks of papers and spreadsheets. They started looking for a system that would cover their requirements.

PINYA HR attracted the interest of the employees and the company management and after an initial analysis they decided to try the system. They were convinced to use the system because of its clarity, pleasant appearance, functionality and the possibility to customize the system for their company environment.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

The company started using the PINYA HR software in June 2021. The software has accelerated the collection and transmission of new employee input data.

''The good thing is that our employees can currently see what assets (utilities) are attached to them, how much leave they have left or the validity of their training. They have everything in one place, which we didn't have before or they didn't have access to all the data. Entering absences is now very easy and again we have everything in one place.

In addition, a big advantage is that the system is also accessible from a mobile phone, which I think makes both the request and the approval of the absence easier. The overview of training and medical examinations is a big help, as the colleagues who work with this data have everything they need easily accessible and don't have to worry about updating the tables, let alone forwarding the tables somewhere, etc. During the year we are also going to create e-learning courses and use the module that the system offers for this purpose,'' says the HR specialist of PROMEDICA.

The company has acquired a clear and user-friendly system in which the company's HR staff can easily find out who has fulfilled the OSH requirements or when a medical examination ends. They do not have to keep the previously used complex spreadsheets up to date, because PINYA HR keeps track of the validity for them. At the same time, up-to-date data is easily accessible.

The software helped us to digitise some HR processes and get rid of piles of papers and spreadsheets. Clarity, functionality and also adaptability were crucial attributes when choosing HR software. Pinya s.r.o. was able to fulfil all of this and our cooperation continues. We are now using the Standards module which helps us with controlled documentation and subsequent distribution of information to employees, which is one of the great strengths of this software overall, the speed of distribution and data collection.

Mgr. Barbora Halfarová
Mgr. Barbora Halfarová