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How did a full-service marketing agency digitise its HR agenda? Optimio's HR manager Jana Parmová discusses this in detail.

Optimio s.r.o. has been in business since 2009. Over the years, we have developed into a full-service marketing agency that puts 35 people to work, which is definitely not a finite number. We are pros in the field - we rank among the top 3% of agencies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a key Google agency, we are a certified Sklik agency, a verified partner of Heureka, Mergada, a silver Shoptet partner.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

Google sheet. A great helper. Just click the share button and you feel like you've drawn in and informed everyone you need to. There are 10 of us and we only need a few.

3 years later.

There are 35 of us. We've got a pledge chart we're sending to the accountant. We also have a mega spreadsheet with vacation, sign-ups, benefits, birthdays. Another for training, a list of hardware and chips. Candidate database,...

As HR, I have my own system. Pass it on to someone, explain? That would take a hundred-page manual. We schedule vacations on a calendar, email the supervisor for approval. If I cancel it, the supervisor barely notices anymore. It's okay now, but what are we gonna do when we're 50, 100?

We need to address this. One system that rules them all. All our tables and needs. We search, we compare, we read reviews, we run demos. The features and modules are similar everywhere, give or take.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

In our mini tender PINYA wins because:

- from the beginning we were actively involved with both the sales director Ondra and then the product manager Dita

- we have found solutions to most of our requirements

- We like the pricing of the service, where you pay only for the active employee, so the monthly payment changes according to the actual system usage

- We were checking which HRIS a similar company to ours was working with, and when they said PINYA, we were definitely clear.

After half a year of use, we are far from using all the functionalities. But as HR, I have my own schedule of when I want to start which module. But we are managing the basic needs and even this us basic mode helps us a lot.


- Tenders in one place and with that all the people involved. HR and hiring managers. A clear overview of the candidate, what positions they are suitable for and all their deliverables, from their CV to the task they will be given during the selection process. He also carries with him the status of how he is doing.

- Newcomer's arrival. Easy registration of all necessary data and documents. Integration into the organizational structure. Useful "left, right, up and down" view.

- Absence records. We have added a very easy leave approval process. It can be planned for a whole year in advance. If an employee cancels and wants to reschedule, they have to go through the approval process again. At the same time, there is no unnecessary burden in terms of approving absences such as sick days, doctor's appointments, or illness, these are entered into the calendar immediately.

- News. All the interesting news in one place? To be able to target news to a specific group of people? We really needed that.

- Training records. So far only OHS and PO, but it is nice to have that in place. Plus, with the training reminding itself that it already needs dusting off.

We managed the basic implementation of the system ourselves. We refused paid training. I mean, we're a technology company, we don't need advice... uh, uh... Well, up to a point, yes. A lot of things are intuitive, after a bit of thought we managed to get the dials working, which made the system even more tailored to our needs. But even us smarties got stuck at a certain point, and didn't know how to proceed.

And here we fully appreciated one of the reasons why we bought PINYA. We arranged a meeting with Dita, the product manager. During a tailor-made one-hour consultation, we went through all the uncertainties and got everything up and running.

Let's not lie, not everything is ideal. For example - PINYA can't cope with Mac's CSV file encoding. This discovery hurt right from the start when mass exporting employees. Only the consultation mentioned a few lines above helped.

What are we going to do next?

Make full use of the employee card.

Set up On-boarding of the newcomer.

Start E-lerning.

Start working with employee evaluations.

And what will we appreciate from PINYA in the future? An API that connects the system to Google Calendar, ideally to the entire Google Workspace.

We know that six months after its introduction, we are not using the PINYA system 100%. Even so, it is an invaluable tool without which we can no longer imagine the HR agenda.

For Optimio Jana Parmová, HR manager

We have been using PINYA HR for half a year. What my colleagues appreciate the most is that they have control over their holidays, they can clearly see how many hours/days they have left and at the same time they can see what others in different teams are planning. Newcomers are interested in exploring the organizational structure. Everyone is then happy for the updates, which are nicely put together in one place. There is no more searching through archived emails. I enjoy the applicant and selection modules. And the price/performance ratio? Unbeatable for a CFO!

Jana Parmová
Jana Parmová
HR & happiness manager, optimio s.r.o.