IQ Roma servis

PINYA HR helped the non-profit organization to make not only the approval of absences more transparent. What else did the digitization of the HR agenda bring to IQ Roma?

IQ Roma servis z.s. is a non-governmental non-profit organization that has been operating in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years. It helps not only Roma who are socially excluded, but also other residents who are unable to secure help in a difficult situation or are unable to resolve it.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

In recent years, IQ Roma has focused, among other things, on professionalizing the organization with an emphasis on continuing education and strategic planning. As part of the professionalisation of the organisation, the staff started thinking about acquiring HR software that would facilitate not only HR administration but also the internal training system.

The PINYA HR software caught the attention of the organisation's management because of its design, colour, clarity and above all its modules and functions. The decisive factor for the purchase of PINYA HR was the availability of all required system functions in the basic package - without the need to purchase the most important software functions as additional modules.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

IQ Roma servis has been using PINYA HR software since October 2021, since when the system has helped to streamline and make more efficient most of the organisation's HR processes. Employees appreciate the system most for its leave registration, absence overview, shared calendars and e-learning courses.

Thanks to PINYA HR, employees no longer have to keep records in Excel spreadsheets. Now everything is handled directly in PINYA HR.

The PINYA HR software interested me mainly because of its modules and features, but also because of its design, colour and clarity. The crucial factor for purchasing the software was the availability of all the required system features in the basic package - without having to purchase the most important software functions as additional modules. Since then, the system has helped our organisation to streamline and make most HR processes more transparent and efficient. Most of the previous record keeping in excel spreadsheets has been eliminated. What I appreciate most about the system is the vacation records, the absence overview, the possibility of shared calendars or e-learning courses.

Silvie Elsnerová
Silvie Elsnerová
Deputy Director for Client Programs, IQ Roma servis, z. s.