They didn't think HR software would find a use in a smaller company. But that changed after the first meeting. How did the introduction of Pinya help the e-commerce experts at the most? is a Czech company dealing with e-commerce services. It creates complex web projects, e-shop management and implementation of complete creative campaigns. At the same time, it manages online marketing for customers - from performance, social & content to email marketing. They pride themselves on a personal approach to clients and long-term cooperation.

The company is part of the holding V-Sharp Ventures SE, which also includes DODO and YDISTRI.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

From the company's foundation until March 2022, when the cooperation with PINYA started, the company did not use any HR software. Initially, there was no need for it, as is a smaller company in terms of the number of employees, so they used various tools to manage the HR agenda.

"Since we are a smaller company in terms of number of employees, I initially thought that it would be nothing for our company. However, the very first meeting convinced me otherwise. I was excited about how Pinya HR can make my job as HR more efficient and forward thinking," says the company's HR manager, Katherine Rock.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

The PINYA HR software helped the company to systematically keep employee files and all information in one place, to process handover reports electronically and to familiarise themselves with internal regulations. The ability to use templates has also been a great help in working more efficiently with documents.

They especially appreciate the integration of their IT with Pinya HR and the ability to communicate internally about onboarding, exits, asset records and other changes using the software - thanks to notifications. Communication with the payroll accountant works the same way. Therefore, other departments, not just HR, also praise the software.

And how long did it take for to start using the software fully?

"The whole implementation took about a month and was carried out with the intensive support of Dita Salajková and I am very happy that I can still contact her at any time to ask for help in setting up the software. I appreciate her always helpful communication and assistance or finding a solution to any problem. I also like the fact that the PINYA team is constantly trying to push the software and add new functionalities based on customer suggestions."

We originally implemented the Pinya system primarily as an HR system for recording attendance and employee information in one place. However, it also offered us many other features that I, as HR, love to use. It has freed me from many more spreadsheets and given me the ability to share information with employees. It has also replaced our IT communication and record keeping well. It has made it very easy for me to work with and create documents, record and share information with managers and payroll accountants for example.

I also really appreciate the great support during the implementation, and also solving any problem or question I needed to solve. Dita is always very helpful and quick to help, and I appreciate that very much. It is also clear that the company is constantly working on the system, improving it and reflecting the needs of customers.

Kateřina Rock
Kateřina Rock
HR Manager, s.r.o.