Modernisation, centralisation of data and clear approval of leave. Why did GEOKOD switch to our PINYA HR and how did we solve their situation?

GEOKOD has been operating in the geodesy, cartography and cadastre market for more than 20 years. Currently, the company focuses on geodetic and cartographic works related to the modernization of railway structures, construction of highway sections, tunnels, bridges and others. The firm also provides land registry services with land development design.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

Up until now, the company's employees used to handle their attendance via email. Information about planned absences was sent to a specially created (common) e-mail address. This data was then approved and processed by the HR manager.

The company had no centralized system for storing and processing personnel data. The main impetus for acquiring HR software and solving the HR agenda was the desire to innovate a large number of areas in the company, switching to Office 365 and centralizing HR data.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

PINYA HR helped GEOKOD to solve the complicated method of requesting leave via email. The company gained a comprehensive system that makes approving leave clear and simple. The approver has the ability to approve leave even when travelling, as PINYA not only sends information about the request within the system, but also directly to the email from which the approver is able to approve or reject the absence request.

The company very much sees PINYA HR as a clear, centralised software that has great potential - especially thanks to regular updates that offer a range of new features throughout the year and are available free of charge to all PINYA HR customers.