DODO: Thanks to Pinya HR we have moved our HR processes abroad by miles

With dynamic growth comes a rapid increase in employees, which brings with it a lot of HR administration. Therefore, DODO decided to save time and fully digitalize their HR agenda with HR software. In what ways does Pinya HR make their work the easiest? And how did they manage to reduce the preparation of documents by 28 hours? Read on in this case study.

DODO is a logistics service for e-commerce, retail, restaurants and fast food. The company was founded in 2016 as a start-up with personal assistant services when it was bought by investor Michal Menšík. With its 5 employees, the company mainly supported the B2C segment with logistics, such as package delivery, dry cleaning services or, as Michal Menšík himself likes to joke, expelling spiders from his apartment.

However, DODO quickly expanded its services and started deliveries in the largest Czech cities. In 2018, they expanded into Slovakia and Poland, and two years later they entered the Hungarian and German markets. Today they operate in 7 countries and their biggest customers include Košík, Tesco and Billa.

270 employees in 7 countries

With the dynamic growth and expansion into foreign markets came a sharp increase in employees. From 5 employees to 270 in six years, the HR department began to realize that it was unsustainable for them to operate with only payroll software. While it covered their basic employee records and some attendance, everything else like contracts, medical appointments and training was recorded in files on the cloud or in excel. Approval of absences at foreign offices was even done via email or verbally.

When Renata Pavlištová took up the position of Chief HR Officer in May 2022, the vision of a unified HR system was already on the table. Together with 2 other HR colleagues and a colleague from the project department, they launched a tender and included 7 foreign software in it, convinced that no Czech software would meet their international requirements. However, at the time of the first demo testing, they received a recommendation from a colleague from our sister company to Pinya HR, where they had already been using the software for some time. They tried the demo and subsequently added Pinya HR to the selection process.

"At the beginning we had a lot of criteria that we adjusted over time because each system had something it was strong in and something it was still lacking. We had to re-evaluate everything and divide the expected features into two categories - those that we don't necessarily need but would be nice to have and those that are essential for us. For example, the train didn't go through the language mutations and legislative requirements of each market," Renata recalls.

The entire selection process took 4 months and in November DODO finally decided on Pinya HR.

Internal marketing Pinya HR campaign

Before the actual launch of the HR software, it was necessary to train 3 HR departments in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany. Of course, it was necessary to properly set up the processes, set up the language versions and import 270 employees from 7 countries. All this with the help of our product manager Dita Salajková.

"The implementation and training went absolutely great. Dita went through everything with us in detail and when necessary, several times. She helped us with setting up permissions in the system and was always willing to advise us," praises Petra Toušová, Group Compensation & Benefit Manager at DODO.

The HR staff started working in the system filled with all the data, then other teams joined later and on July 1 they made Pinya HR available to all DODO employees.

"We have launched quite a big marketing campaign in connection with the launch of Pinya HR. We created infographics, put up flyers, prepared internal training sessions, and even made videos. Thanks to the internal campaign, we have achieved that Pinya HR is fully used by colleagues across all departments," says Renata Pavlištová.

Export, contract preparation and budget planning have never been easier

Because digitizing HR processes was a big change for DODO, they decided to go in depth. They are therefore starting to set up the individual modules gradually. However, they have already stopped using the attendance system completely after implementing the software, as they are recording negative attendance through Pinya HR in all 7 countries, which has managed to simplify as much as possible the process of obtaining the basis for payroll calculations.

"What I would like to highlight is the really flexible setup of attendance. We operate in several countries in Europe where there are different public holidays. For example, with Germany we were struggling a bit, but thanks to the flexibility in the setup and of course the valuable advice of our product manager Dita, we managed to set everything up according to our needs," says Petra Toušová.  

Now all employees can see their holiday entitlements, days off, homeoffice and managers have more visibility and can better plan the capacity of their teams. 

And what does CHRO Renata Pavlištová appreciate most about Pinya HR?

,,From the beginning I liked that the software is intuitive and that we can set it to our corporate colours. The generated documentation function has made our work much easier and the export function is unique for me as HR director. For example, last year it took us 4 days to prepare the data for budget planning because we had to track the data in different spreadsheets. Now that we have all the data in one place in Pinya HR, we have managed to reduce this preparation to half a day. This is a huge progress."

But with a simple 1-click attendance overview and reports, it's just the beginning for DODO. Gradually, they plan to use all the Pinya HR modules to the maximum. They are currently finalizing the setup of the onboarding welcome page, checklists and also launching the employee evaluation module. 

They are also planning to set up a trusted assets module that will help them not only with the registration and overview of the assets of specific employees, but also with simplifying the offboarding process. To get rid of duplicate data entry, there are also plans to connect with the payroll software via API. The icing on the cake will be the connection to Power BI.

DODO operates in 7 markets and the size of the company required a uniform record of employees across countries. Our goal was to find a reliable partner who would offer a system in different languages, as well as the possibility of customization for our needs and the possibility of creating free fields for recording different types of data according to local legislation. We compared several foreign HR software with Pinya HR and we are extremely satisfied with our choice. We really appreciate the customer approach, the speed of response and the whole implementation process. We try to roll out all the modules to all markets, from absence management, to reporting, teaching managers how to work with the system, to export data flexibly. The interconnectivity and synchronization with Outlook calendar is great, the mobile app for very fast absence entry and approval. Pinya HR is making significant strides, professionalizing our HR work, replacing countless excel reports and answering many of the questions managers have.

Renata Pavlištová
Renata Pavlištová
Chief Human Resources Officer, DODO