Broker Trust: we were looking for an HR tool that would meet the demands of today's digital age

Innovation and superior service are the values that guide Broker Trust in providing its services. In order to streamline, digitise and automate HR processes, they decided to implement Pinya HR software into their company.

Broker Trust is the strongest financial advisory company in the Czech Republic. It has been providing services to financial advisors and intermediaries since 2001. In addition to top-notch facilities, it also relies on trust, stability and innovation. That's why they have already decided to acquire HR software in 2022 that will reflect their needs and help them to continuously improve their HR processes.

The entire HR agenda under one roof

This was a fundamental condition with which they went into the selection of the personnel system. The ideal HR software had to cover the registration of all employee data, contracts and other documents, attendance and onboarding. In addition to these functions, Pinya HR enabled them to keep a clear record of the selection process and applicants, which until then had only existed in excel spreadsheets. And so, out of the three solutions tested, they chose ours.    

"The biggest benefit of purchasing HR software is that we don't have to register one employee in three different systems," says HR manager Michaela Nosková.    

Their original idea was that the HR system would become the default system from which information would flow to the payroll and attendance system via an API. However, they eventually decided to make a change in the attendance entry area as well, so that they could enter absences directly through Pinya HR.    

Linking HR software with ERP system

However, integration with the ERP system, which is also used for payroll calculation, remained an issue. In addition to exchanging information about new employees, it was also necessary to enter absence data into the ERP system. Although the ERP system had developed API documentation, the interface did not provide space to write this data, so we had to come up with an alternative.    

To make the payroll specialist's job as easy as possible, our development team built a feature in Pinya HR that allows you to export absences in a format from which the ERP system can retrieve all the necessary information. This way, instead of manually transcribing hundreds of employee leave data and other absences, the payroll specialist can import all the information from Pinya HR into the ERP system in a few clicks.    

"It was necessary to solve the technical side of things. We did not hesitate to contact our product manager Dita, who contacted the supplier of our payroll system. The support from the entire Pinya HR team is great and they always go out of their way to accommodate us. In this case too, Dita communicated everything regarding the actual linking. We are kept informed of the progress all the time and are copied in on important emails," says Payroll Specialist Jana Matějková.

Training and support par excellence

But finding the right partner to digitise the HR agenda and sort out integrations is far from the most important thing. In order for HR software to be truly beneficial to a company, you need to know how to work with it effectively. Michaela and Jana know this, which is why they attended three training sessions with our product manager Dita Salajková at the beginning of their cooperation. How do they evaluate the whole training process?

"We have to appreciate the time Dita gave us through the training. But what I would like to highlight is the significant help in the gradual launch of the individual modules and the "pouring" of data. We had our HR processes in place and Dita helped us set up the system rules so that everything worked to our liking."

Dita and Broker Trust' s HR department finished the training process by sending out Pinya HR credentials to all 120 employees, who were able to use the HR software to its full potential from the first login - for example, to see all their work details, apply for leave or view their employment documents.

Document generation, exports and candidate registration    

These are just three of a whole list of features that save time and free up the Broker Trust's HR department. When asked which function is the best, Michaela and Jana respond differently given their positions.    

"I really enjoy the features that help me when a new employee starts. From having the employee fill in the basic information themselves using a personal questionnaire to the employment documentation, which I can prepare literally in two clicks. I don't have to fill in any data manually because Pinya HR fills it in automatically for me. This has reduced the preparation of my employment contract and other onboarding documents by 75%," says payroll specialist Jana.

HR manager Michaela is there for every new thing they introduce to Pinya HR. They actively use reporting, updates, notifications, as well as employee surveys and reviews. They also appreciate the features for managers where they can access important data of their subordinates without HR's help - whether it's documents, end of probation notifications or payroll progression information.  

"But there is much more. The Pinya HR team is constantly working on improving the system, so that we can gradually digitise more and more processes. I appreciate that the people at PINYA are open to our feedback and comments and really respond to them," Michaela adds.    

Although Pinya HR is primarily a recruitment system, it also helps Broker Trust with recruitment thanks to its selection and candidate module.    

"We want to have all data and information in one place, so we decided to use this module. The biggest added value is that at the end of the selection process we can make the selected candidate an employee at the click of a button. We don't have to duplicate anything because Pinya HR will transfer all the candidate's data to the newly created employee card," praises Michaela.

However, after the successful selection process, communication with the newcomer is actively continuing. Using their own email templates, the HR department set up a series of welcome emails. "We want to be in contact with the newcomer before they start and give them the confidence of knowing what to expect," says Michaela. This way, in addition to giving the newcomer important information and instructions that need to be completed before the start date, they also let the newcomer know that their new team is looking forward to seeing them.    

However, it doesn't end with employee registration and recruitment. Broker Trust is already using most of Pinya HR' s features and more are planned. In the near future they want to focus on using checklists, the asset module, expanding notifications and also use the latest requirements module, which they want to move the last of the excel forms into. And as before, they can rely on our support to digitise these HR processes.