Mobile application

Keep track of your employees and allow your colleagues to request leave directly from their mobile phones.

  • Find out who is out of the office and who is celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

  • Find your employees and contact them directly.

  • Have notices sent to you and approve leave requests.

Pinya HR mobile app

What can mobile app do?

The HR mobile app is here! With this powerful app, you'll have access to simple and effective absence management and view important employee information right on your smartphone.

Keep track of who's out of the office, celebrating an anniversary or birthday. Search your colleagues' profiles and simply contact them. Request a vacation or report to your home office wherever you are. Have notifications sent to you and as a supervisor, approve vacations and other (un)presence directly from your mobile.

With our HR mobile app, you'll really have HR processes in your pocket. Conveniently and quickly resolve employee requests and save a lot of valuable time. Become a modern employer and gain control over your HR processes today!

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