Tasks and requirements

Tasks and requirements

Enter and handle requests from your colleagues online and in one place.

  • Keep track of all employee requests in one place.

  • Save time and let your colleagues enter their requirements online.

  • Create your own requirements templates and identify the resolvers and approvers.

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Tasks and requirements
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What does it do?

I'm sure you've encountered this more than once. Colleagues come to you with various requests because they can't resolve them except in person. A change of personal data, a request for a benefit or a request for new work equipment. These are just a few examples of situations that can be resolved with Pinya HR.

Create your own request templates - determine who can make a request, who will be the approver and resolver, who will receive notification, and what will be on the request. By defining the solver and approver, colleagues will know exactly who to address a specific request to. Moreover, thanks to the clear record, they will always know which requests they still have to deal with and which are already resolved.

Plus, you'll receive a notification for every new and pending request, so you won't forget any request or task.

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