Let your employees get acquainted themselves with the standards.

  • Versioning, approval, publishing and acquaintance with standards.

  • Connection with SharePoint - documentation in SharePoint, confirmation and approval in PINYA HR.

  • Work on a document in Microsoft environment.

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What does it do?

Standards enable the creation, approval and publication of important documents for acquaintance. Thanks to this module, it is easy to manage the confirmation of employee familiarization with the standard directly in the PINYA HR environment.

The module is connected to SharePoint and the documentation is placed in the environment you normally use for documentation management. Acquaintance with the standard and subsequent administration is done in PINYA HR.

What is needed to configure the module:

  1. Create libraries in SharePoint environment for Draft Standards, Standards and Standards Archive.
  2. Create an application in the AZURE environment to communicate with the module.

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