Price list for Pinya HR system

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Pinya HR

Complete system
85 Kč
per user per month

Everything you need to manage your HR processes. All functions and modules are included in the price.

  • Birthdays and anniversaries

  • Employee card

  • Tasks

  • Management reports

  • Employee overview

  • Organisational structure

  • Holidays

  • Time management

  • Calendar

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Medical examinations

  • Onboarding

  • Property and work equipment records

  • Company manuals and guidelines

  • News

  • Reporting

  • Generation of contracts and other documents

  • E-learning

  • Corporate identity

  • Multilingualism

  • Checklists

  • Single sign-on

The extra price includes

  • Activating the solution

  • Data storage in the secure Pinya HR cloud

Expansion and integration

Something extra
per user per month
  • API

    Connect Pinya HR with payroll and time and attendance systems using APIs.

    25 CZK
  • Standards

    Familiarize employees with the standards in a clear Pinya HR environment.

    35 Kč
  • Synchronization with Outlook Calendar

    Link activities from your Pinya HR calendar to your Outlook calendar.

    10 CZK


9 out of 10 customers use it.

Optional support packages for a smooth implementation of Pinya HR into your business. However, you can set everything up completely on your own.

  • Basic training

    Learn how to navigate the Pinya HR system and make the most of all its features.

    Included in the price of the main license.
  • Individual training

    For demanding users who have specific needs and want to make the most of the tool.

    12 000 CZK

HR software helps hundreds of companies save time on employee administration

Pinya HR will reduce your recruitment time

The PINYA HR software has helped us to achieve the ability to record information about all our employees in one place and at the same time automate many HR processes, which has saved us time and made our work more efficient. Another significant advantage for our customers is the perfect support during the implementation of the software. With its user-friendly environment, the software was immediately accepted by all our employees. Not only for these reasons, we recommend Pinya HR as an effective solution for all companies that want to digitize their HR agenda.

Mgr. Jana Hladká Zilvarová
Mgr. Jana Hladká Zilvarová
Attorney at Law, Partner, Z/C/H Legal v.o.s., law firm

We originally implemented the Pinya system primarily as an HR system for recording attendance and employee information in one place. However, it also offered us many other features that I, as HR, love to use. It has freed me from many more spreadsheets and given me the ability to share information with employees. It has also replaced our IT communication and record keeping well. It has made it very easy for me to work with and create documents, record and share information with managers and payroll accountants for example.

I also really appreciate the great support during the implementation, and also solving any problem or question I needed to solve. Dita is always very helpful and quick to help, and I appreciate that very much. It is also clear that the company is constantly working on the system, improving it and reflecting the needs of customers.

Katherine Rock
Katherine Rock
HR Manager, s.r.o.

The software helped us to digitise some HR processes and get rid of piles of papers and spreadsheets. Clarity, functionality and also adaptability were crucial attributes when choosing HR software. Pinya s.r.o. was able to fulfil all of this and our cooperation continues. We are now using the Norms module which helps us with controlled documentation and subsequent distribution of information to employees, which is one of the great strengths of this software overall, the speed of distribution and data collection.

Mgr. Barbora Halfarová
Mgr. Barbora Halfarová

Tailor-made HR software for your company

Whether you have a large or small team, Pinya HR can help you keep track of your employees and build friendly relationships with them.

Small company

You have a small team and you're adding staff. The company grows and coordination gets harder and harder. The recruitment process starts to take time and you slowly lose track of who is working for you. The perfect time to use HR software. Get your employee roster in order early and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Medium-sized company

You have an established company with a large number of employees and you need to speed up and automate your HR processes. You know that time saved is money saved. Spend your energy on more important work and use an HR information system to manage your HR processes.

Big company

Your company has been on the market for a long time. Many people work there. You've kept employee records for years in Excel spreadsheets. You've stored the files twice and in a different location each time. There are documents in drawers and file cabinets in different departments. Use HR software and simplify your employee records. Get rid of papers and keep all information in one place.

You often wonder...

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Do I also pay for terminated employees?

How about a software update? Do I pay for it?

How long does it take to start the system and the subsequent training?

How is the training conducted?

Doing payroll and attendance?

Is it possible to connect the software with other systems?

What about software security?

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