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Pinya HR

Complete system
3,50 €
per user per month

Everything you need to manage your HR processes. All functions and modules are included in the price.

  • Employee overview

  • Employee card

  • Organisational structure

  • Generation of contracts and other documents

  • Managerial reports

  • Overview of work history

  • Holidays

  • Time management

  • Mobile application

  • Calendar

  • Birthdays and anniversaries

  • Onboarding

  • Tasks

  • Checklists

  • Training

  • Medical examinations

  • Company manuals and guidelines

  • Assets and work equipment records

  • Employee evaluation

  • Questionnaires

  • News

  • Reporting

  • Recruitment

  • E-learning

  • Corporate identity

  • Multilingualism

  • Single sign-on

  • Custom field

The extra price includes

  • Activating the solution

  • Data storage in the secure Pinya HR cloud

Expansion and integration

Something extra
per user per month
  • API

    Connect Pinya HR with payroll and attendance tracking systems using APIs.

    1 €
  • Standards

    Familiarize employees with the standards in a clear Pinya HR environment.

    1,50 €
  • Synchronization with Outlook Calendar

    Link activities from your Pinya HR calendar to your Outlook calendar.

    0,50 €
  • Electronic signing of documents

    Let your employees sign documents remotely.

    First 4 signed documents FREE

    0,80 €
    / 1 signed document
  • Whistleblowing

    Let your employees easily and safely report their concerns to the company for investigation.

    In cooperation with the service NNTB (FaceUp).

    -15 %
    Get a discount on the NNTB prices offered.


9 out of 10 customers use it.

You can easily implement Pinya HR on your own, but we'll be happy to lend you a helping hand.

  • Training

    Learn how to navigate the Pinya HR system and make the most of all its features.

    Included in the price of the main license.

HR software helps hundreds of companies save time on employee administration

Pinya HR will reduce your recruitment time

DODO operates in 7 markets and the size of the company required a uniform record of employees across countries. Our goal was to find a reliable partner who would offer a system in different languages, as well as the possibility of customization for our needs and the possibility of creating free fields for recording different types of data according to local legislation. We compared several foreign HR software with Pinya HR and we are extremely satisfied with our choice. We really appreciate the customer approach, the speed of response and the whole implementation process. We try to roll out all the modules to all markets, from absence management, to reporting, teaching managers how to work with the system, to export data flexibly. The interconnectivity and synchronization with Outlook calendar is great, the mobile app for very fast absence entry and approval. Pinya HR is making significant strides, professionalizing our HR work, replacing countless excel reports and answering many of the questions managers have.

Renata Pavlištová
Renata Pavlištová
Chief Human Resources Officer, DODO

Due to the relatively rapid growth of our company, it was necessary to find a solution to streamline all HR processes, including all legal aspects, such as demonstrable familiarity with manuals/guidelines. We are very happy that we finally decided on Pinya HR software, which is intuitive, customizable, user-friendly and can be playful. 😊 Besides the SW itself, we appreciate the fast and easy implementation, of course with great support from the Pinya HR team. We also appreciate the constant development of the different modules, even based on our requests, which are not always easy. The mobile app is also great, which all users have loved especially for the super easy attendance tracking. Pinya HR has become a part of our everyday life.

Jana Krákorová
Jana Krákorová
HR & Competency Development Manager, Škoda X s.r.o.

The introduction of Pinya HR for a company as large as ours was definitely the right step and a huge milestone in the digitalization of HR processes. Thanks to Pinya HR we have managed to simplify the work of not only the HR team, but also managers and employees. Thanks to automated reminders, managers no longer forget deadlines and learn about changes at that moment. Supervisors approve employee leaves through the mobile app anytime, anywhere. Employees can find their absences approved straight in the system, without waiting and writing out additional leave slips. And thanks to the updates, even colleagues working in warehouses who don't have access to the company network are kept in the loop. In short, the digitalization of HR processes in the form of the implementation of the Pinya HR system has brought us all simplification, insight and time savings.

Ing. Lucia Leváková, MBA
Ing. Lucia Leváková, MBA

Customized HR software for your company

Whether you have a large or small team, Pinya HR can help you keep track of your employees and build friendly relationships with them.

Small company

You have a small team and you're hiring staff. The company grows and coordination gets harder and harder. The recruitment process starts to take time and you slowly lose track of who is working for you. The perfect time to use HR software. Get your employee records in order early and avoid unnecessary confusion.

Medium-sized company

You have an established company with a large number of employees and you need to speed up and automate your HR processes. You know that time saved is money saved. Spend your energy on more important work and use an HR information system to manage your HR processes.

Big company

Your company has been on the market for a long time. Many people work there. You've kept employee records for years in Excel spreadsheets. You've stored the files twice and in a different location each time. There are documents in drawers and file cabinets in different departments. Use HR software and simplify your employee records. Get rid of papers and keep all information in one place.

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How about a software update? Do I pay for it?

How long does it take to start the system and the subsequent training?

How is the training conducted?

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Is it possible to connect the software with other systems?

What about software security?

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