HR checklists and their use in HR

HR checklists and their use in HR
January 19, 2023

Checklists are automated lists of tasks that can significantly save work in companies. How do they specifically save work in HR? And how can HR checklists be used in practice?

Sometimes it's just too much. For all of us. So any improvement that makes our jobs a little easier is always good. And in HR, that's doubly true. You have to think for more than one person at a time. Employee A has to have a medical. Employee B hasn't submitted his certificate of education. Employee C got married, so you need a copy of her new ID. And so on.

In the age of digitalisation, this is not as difficult as it used to be, as we can leave as much information as possible to the system to look after everything for us. Especially if you use HR software that has all the important features. But you still have to look after some things yourself. And checklists can help with that.

Paper diaries, weekly and monthly planners, reminders on your phone. A digital checklist can replace all of this on the work plane. Prepare a list of tasks that need to be completed in your company. For example, as part of onboarding. Is a new employee joining? Simply generate an onboarding checklist, display the tasks, the department responsible for the task and the time by which the task must be completed. The recruiter can then specify the person responsible and adjust the deadline if necessary.

HR checklists significantly save the work of HR managers.

Or in the case of something less formal - celebrating your colleagues' birthdays. A common case from practice:

Find a suitable date, book a venue, arrange refreshments or choose a suitable gift. The more you want to take care of the celebration, the more tasks arise, so take a colleague to help. It works until a few days before the planned celebration, the co-organizer asks you if you've ordered a gift.

"Me?! You should have been in charge!"

Arguing about who was really in charge is pointless. All that matters at that moment is to quickly order the gift and pray that it arrives by the date of the celebration. It takes so little to make everything go smoothly. Create a checklist.

You can also create an effective ckecklist in our PINYA HR system. You write down tasks, set deadlines, assign them to the responsible persons and then you can follow the checklist in peace. Because when a task is assigned from the checklist, a notification appears to all parties involved.

You can test how our PINYA HR checklists look like in the trial version of our software, which is available for 14 days free of charge.

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