In a pandemic, they decided to digitise their HR agenda. How did TAXPRIMA transfer its HR agenda online?

TAXPRIMA s.r.o. has been operating on the Czech market since the 1990s. It currently provides its services in the field of payroll accounting and tax consulting from two branches in the Czech Republic. Although it is a company with less than twenty employees, they decided to streamline and digitalize their HR agenda.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

The impetus for change came with the onset of the pandemic. The company was looking for a way to make it easier for its employees to work and share data remotely. SharePoint was offered as a suitable solution. The company's management made inquiries to companies that provide intranet solutions on the SharePoint platform. Among them was our PINYA SharePoint corporate intranet solution.

Through the PINYA SharePoint web presentation, the company's representatives got to the PINYA HR software that better matched their requirements.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

The company started using PINYA HR software more than a year ago. What they appreciate most about the software is the comprehensive work with HR, the access of all employees to the system and the ability to set system permissions so that employees can participate in the management of their HR data. Involving employees in the management of their own HR agenda has helped the company to save time in managing the HR agenda and has made HR in general more efficient with a unified conceptual solution.