MultiSport Benefit

They have replaced the paper application forms with a clear HR software that easily handles not only the online management of employee absences. Why did MultiSport Benefit choose PINYA HR for the digitisation of the HR agenda?

The company MultiSport Benefit, s.r.o. , has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2010 and is a leader in the Czech market of employee benefits in the field of sport and relaxation. With its product, the MultiSport card, MultiSport today gives more than 150,000 Czech employees the opportunity to play sports and relax every day within the diverse range of activities of its partner network, so that they can feel better both physically and mentally.

The initial problem or what was at the origin of the cooperation

Until now, MultiSport Benefit has been using paper applications and has not had a solution to automate HR processes.

Problem solving with PINYA HR

The company started using the PINYA HR software in June 2021. Employees have appreciated the many useful features that are always useful in everyday life, not just in HR. The most used are the Employee Register, the Attendance and Absence Approval and the Attendance Register.

"From an employee's point of view, we particularly appreciate the "user friendly" environment of Pinya HR, which is very intuitive and clear. At the same time, we were convinced by the possibility to customize some of the functionalities and get the optimal solution for our environment," says one of the HR managers at MultiSport Benefit who uses the software on a daily basis.

Thanks to the system's leave approval process, the company was able to do away with "paper applications" and thus simplify and speed up the whole process.

Thanks to PINYA HR, MultiSport has found a smart and flexible solution to streamline and automate processes, especially facilitating HR administration.