Electronic signing

Electronic signing

Let your employees sign documents remotely.

  • A quick and environmentally friendly solution that significantly saves time for HR and signing staff.

  • A secure module built in cooperation with an established electronic signature processor on the European market.

  • Guarantee of signature validity in the context of electronic legal transactions.

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Electronic signing
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What does it do?

Significant time savings for HR and employees in the form of an e-signature module. Let your employees sign documents electronically - simply, with a few clicks and with the guarantee of a valid, guaranteed electronic signature. With electronic signatures, you no longer need to archive paper documents.

Signed documents are legally binding and verifiable thanks to a qualified electronic seal, time stamp and digital certificates that are locked for changes in accordance with Czech and EU legislation. Everything is certified according to ISO 27001 in accordance with GDPR. To further enhance the security and trustworthiness of electronic signing, we verify the identity of the person signing via SMS code.

The module was developed in cooperation with the established DigiSign service and tested in detail from the user and legal point of view by the law firm Z/C/H Legal v.o.s.

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What documents can be signed with an electronic signature in Pinya HR?

You can use Pinya HR's electronic signature on a wide range of documents, including those relating to the conclusion or amendment of an employment contract or termination agreement.

Strict conditions apply to documents related to unilateral termination (e.g. immediate termination, termination during probationary period, termination of employment, FTE, LTC). Therefore, we do not recommend signing these types of documents with an electronic signature in Pinya HR.

However, after the latest amendment to the Labour Code, most HR documents can be signed, so it's the perfect time to start using electronic signatures as your standard method of signing.

For more information on the individual documents that can be electronically signed, please see the module guide, which can be downloaded here.

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